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World Oceans Day

Its World Oceans day. 

Our oceans provide a wealth of inspiration for our craft projects , from the mysterious and beautiful creatures that live within the depths of our oceans to the bright and vibrant colours of the coral reef we cant help but be inspired.

So at JMC Designs we thought this was the perfect oppertunity to get our under the sea themed craft products out, have a play and have fun and to be inspired, but at the same time use it as an opportunity to reflect on the health of our oceans.

The Ocean covers over 70% of our planet and provides at least 50% of the worlds oxygen. Our oceans help to sustain life on our planet, but now the ocean is in need of our support with fish populations being depleted and coral reefs being destroyed. So in 1992 World Oceans Day was established to help to bring awareness to these issues and to help us to take action and to do our part regarding the health of our Oceans. To find out more why not have a look here: Home – UN World Oceans Day

So what are we doing here at JMC Designs? Well myself and a number of my design team members have organised a youtube hop with lots of under the sea inspiration:


As always we would love to see your Under The Sea creations so why not join our craft community on facebook (3) JMC’s Crazy Craft Hive | Facebook

Or tag me @juliamcneillcrafts on Instagram, I love to share your makes to my stories.

Happy Word Oceans Day !!!

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