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The need for creativity lives in everyone, filling this need leads to happiness and balance in life. JMC Designs is dedicated to helping you learn why creativity is important and how to develop it. My images are designed to inspire you and your creativity.

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Interesting Fact!

There is a splash of red in the logo of JMC Designs. Red is Julia McNeill’s Favourite colour, the colour red denotes energy, passion & action. Julia was sharing her artwork on social media and was messaged on a daily basis about making her artwork available to the craft community. So she has taken action on her passion for art and set up JMC Designs, so the colour red is a perfect fit.

Julia McNeill

Julia McNeill


My Name is Julia McNeill and I live in the North of Scotland with my husband and daughter.

I have always been surrounded by creativity my great grandmother used to make soft toys, my grandmother and mother were amazing seamstresses & my grandfather & uncle were painters. As a result I have dabbled in most forms of craft, however a passion for paper craft is what has stuck. I love to make cards, play in my art journal & create mixed media projects.

Working as a therapist for many years I have seen firsthand the connection between creativity and emotional well-being, and so developing creativity & nurturing it is important to me. This will a priority for JMC Designs.


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