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Getting the most from your Digital Stamps.

What are digital stamps

So what are Digi stamps? They are a downloadable versions of stamps, so basically line art that we can use for colouring or in any form of craft project.

One of the main objections I come across when is comes to digital stamps is the sentiment ” I prefer a physical product ” … I fully understand that there is nothing better for getting the creative juices going than a box, or room full of crafting goodies ( Depending on where we are in our crafting journey – lol ) ….. however as soon as we have printed out our image, it is a physical product, once we can get our head round that, it opens up a huge door of creativity.

What are the advantages of a digital stamp

There are many advantages to a digital stamp.

  1. 1 – In general they are a more economical than a physical stamp
  2. 2 – They take up a lot less storage space than our physical stamps
  3. 3 – They can be resized to suit our project
  4. 4- You can flip the image

How can I get the most out of my Digital Stamps 

To get the most out of our Digital Stamps we need to do the same with them as we do with any other form of crafting, play, experiment and have fun.

Try printing on different surfaces. We can try basic card types, smooth card or water colour card .. but what about photo paper, gloss paper, sticker paper, printable acetate and so much more. 

Just have fun and you will find you will discover lots of fun and creative techniques.

( we will have lots of tutorials on various ways to use digi stamps coming soon )

So will you be trying out Digital Stamps?

If you have not used digi stamps before, I can understand why you maybe a little unsure … so why not try downloading this freebie image : Valentina – JMC Designs

If you click on the link and purchase ( for free ) you will be sent an e-mail with a link.

Right Click on the file, and download.

The folder will then go into the downloads folder on your computer. 

You will need to right click the folder and click extract all ( then save the images to the desired folder on your computer )


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