Unfortuneatly, JMC Designs can no longer support Internet Explorer.

Web standards and technology are constantly evolving, providing users with more features, better technology and improved security.

Modern Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, are constantly evolving with it, constantly being updated and improved upon.

Internet Explorer only receives legacy security support and is no longer evolving and therefore, as JMC Designs evolves, we are unable to continue supporting Internet Explorer.

terms of use

JMC Designs creates images to inspire and feed your creativity. Once downloaded these images are yours to enjoy and to craft with. JMC designs has a full Angel Policy and you may sell any HANDMADE items that you create using our images.

Please when sharing your finished coloured work on any or any handmade item using a JMC design image on any form of social media use a watermark. This protects your work as well as mine.

Please Do Not:

Please do not share any of my images ( including copying, lending, duplicating, sharing, reselling or putting online) – except photos of your finished handcrafted project.
Please do not use digital or mechanical reproduction of my images. If you colour an image of mine digitally you may not share as your own or print of multiple copies to use … the artwork still belongs to JMC designs.
My images may not be turned into embroidery or needlework patterns.

Additional Info:

This licence gives you permission to make and sell HANDMADE and HAND COLOURED finished cards and projects you make using JMC Designs.

If you wish to use one of my images for a class please e-mail me info@jmcdesigns for permission.

This artwork is my original artwork and is protected by copyright. I reserve all rights to my artwork.

Please contact me at info@jmcdesigns if you have any further questions.