Unfortuneatly, JMC Designs can no longer support Internet Explorer.

Web standards and technology are constantly evolving, providing users with more features, better technology and improved security.

Modern Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, are constantly evolving with it, constantly being updated and improved upon.

Internet Explorer only receives legacy security support and is no longer evolving and therefore, as JMC Designs evolves, we are unable to continue supporting Internet Explorer.

our crafting catalogue

  • Crackle Enamel

    Crackle Enamel20 Products

  • Crackle Gel

    Crackle Gel14 Products

  • Explosion Powders

    Explosion Powders7 Products

  • Gritty Vintage Paste

    Gritty Vintage Paste11 Products

  • Pretty Whipped Mousse

    Pretty Whipped Mousse20 Products