Creativity is for Everyone

As children we create with total freedom. Children just enjoy the process of being creative. Then as we grow up we become inhibited and worried about what other people think and feel we are not ‘Artistic’.

Colouring and papercraft is one of the perfect places to start a new creative hobby, as it’s an inexpensive way of starting a creative journey.

At JMC Designs we have an interchange of inspiration, we create artistic and whimsical designs for you, along with inspiration and support to inspire you on your creative journey. However at JMC Designs we create custom digi’s and characters, inspired from your imagination and ideas. I know together we will make a great team and fill the world with beautiful art that makes people smile.

Digital Stamps

Digital stamps are images that can be used in your crafting. They are black and white line drawings that can be used to colour and used in crafting projects
Why would you use a Digital Stamps?

Stamps being Digital as opposed to physical provides a huge amount of versatility as you can alter the size of your image, flip the image, re colour your image.
At JMC designs we offer fun and whimsical digital images for you to use.
If you are looking for that special image, something to make your project truly unique we have custom Digital Stamps available too. 

Here is a link to a handy video on how to resize digi stamps … it’s a question that gets asked a lot!!


They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Illustration helps to give a visual explanation of the text. To create an image to communicate a message or an idea.

To add impact to your idea, message, story or brand JMC designs is here to help you visualize that through unique artwork and design.


Studies have shown that developing a creative outlet is an essential part of our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

The link between creativity and wellbeing is at the heart of JMC designs, which is why it will be offering workshops to help you develop your personal creativity.
Coming soon in 2019 we will be hosting workshops in and around Inverness for both adults and children.

We are also looking into creating online workshops where we will create a detailed tutorial for creating a craft project.

In the meantime you are welcome to have a look at our free tutorials:


Why do you need to watermark?

In these days of amazing technological advances, it has become even easier to lift a photo from the internet.

This means artists and crafters need to protect their work and the best way to do this is through a watermark. Watermarks can look ugly and distract from your artwork, so why not have a stylish watermark that works for you. That way you can protect your work in a way that looks good too.

Logo Design

A Logo is an important part of your brand, in fact, it is the face of your company, and so it is one of the most important investments that your company will make.

At JMC Designs we are dedicated to creating a bespoke logo that is perfect for you.

Character Design

Why get a character designed?

Cartoon characters are something that we learn to love from being children and on into our adult life. That is why we can often spot a cartoon character that reminds us of ourselves. Characters grab attention because people relate to them.

So whether it’s for personal or commercial use why not have your own character that people fall in love with and connect to. We have a number of character packages available.

Price List

Watermark Design.
2 Watermarks of the same design, one in black & one in white, both with a reduced opacity.

Custom Digi
( B&W line drawing ) £59.99

Custom Character

Personal Licence:
You will receive the original artwork of your character and you will also receive it in a digital format which you can then use to print for PERSONAL items or use on your personal social media. £149.00

Business Licence:
Personal Licence plus the ability to use on business products, ie any printed material or products used by the business. You may also use on any web based promotion. £349.00

Commercial Licence:
Business Licence plus the ability to create items to sell with your custom character. £1349.00

LOGO Design:
Custom hand drawn logo £349.00

Terms & Conditions apply

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